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Contractor Development Programme certificate ceremony in Cape Town

8 July 2016


Speech by Jacqueline Gooch, Head of Department: Transport and Public Works

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works is pleased to host the annual certificate ceremony for the Contractor Development Programme’s structured training activities.

The Contractor Development Programme was designed to provide small entrepreneurs in the built environment with opportunities to acquire essential skills as well as helping them to excel in the industry. This morning, 27 owners of emerging Western Cape construction businesses sitting here in front of me, will receive a certificate of competence from the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA) for successfully completing accredited training on how to run their businesses more effectively.

The course began in July 2015, and participants attended training for one week every month over a period of ten months. To qualify, applicants had to be contractors with registered construction businesses, active in the industry for at least two years, with a Level 1 or 2 Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) rating.

The modular course design has made it possible for participants to receive intensive training for a week every month, and to spend the remaining three weeks of the month actively managing their businesses. Over this period, participants learned about important business management practices such as enterprise development and building a construction site. There was also an emphasis in the training on applying innovative safety principles to the construction site and importantly, managing the construction site.

The Department is constantly looking for ways to assist emerging contractors to benefit from government infrastructure projects and, at the same time, to meet its empowerment targets.

It is clear that the Contractor Development Programme makes a difference. The training has already opened doors for some participants.

Shuaib Julius, owner of Almagate Projects in Ravensmead, has recently been awarded a subcontracting opportunity on a major City of Cape Town project. He began working on this project already.

Erica van der Merwe, owner of Bastile Building Concepts in Grabouw, did not have any work when she started the training programme. She has now been awarded a subcontract for construction work on Pineview Primary School in Grabouw, one of the Department’s education infrastructure projects. Erica was also assigned a mentor to assist her to develop aspects of her business. She is expected to commence working on the Pineview project on 20 July 2016.

The Department would like to thank the training service provider Training Force for its assistance in helping to shape our future contractor business leaders. We would also like to thank the members of the Contractor Development Programme team for their interventions, for identifying the training and development needs of participants, and for always being available to lend a helping hand.

The Department will continue to offer structured programmes that facilitate the development of emerging enterprises in the construction industry through skills and business enhancement initiatives. This will continue to help contractors to compete effectively and independently in the open market beyond state intervention.

Remember, applications are open for the next Contractor Development Programme training course to begin in July or August 2016 (the dates to be confirmed). So, if you know of anyone who would be interested, please ask them to apply as soon as possible. Application forms are available on the Department’s website.

Finally, without you, this programme won’t be a success. The Department remains committed to assisting participants, including women, to become better at running viable business entities. This will give them the knowledge and skills to develop and grow their businesses so that they can generate an income for themselves, and possibly create job opportunities for others.

We would like to wish all of you the very best for the future.

I thank you.

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