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Learners Connect with the Past at National Archives Week

8 May 2013

On Monday, 6 May 2013, learners from a number of Cape Town schools went to the Western Cape Provincial Archives to catch a glimpse of the past and to find out how it continues to shape the present.

Learners attended exhibitions and workshops on the opening day of National Archives Week. They made notes about what they found out about our national archival and cultural heritage. Many traditional art forms and practices were on display, reflecting tangible, as well as intangible aspects of South Africa’s heritage.

Gabriella Sauls (17) of Blackheath High School values history as an important part of her life. “I study history as a subject, and found it very interesting to see how people did things in the past and how things have changed.” She added that archives play an important role in our society and youth must embrace their history and show pride in how far South Africa has come. She and her fellow classmates expect to do a project on the emancipation of slaves at the Cape.

Mr Ebrahim Manuel, a Cape Family Research Forum historian, hosted a workshop on research methods and archival resources. One useful genealogical source he mentioned is the Slave Office records which make it possible for people trace their ancestry back to the first Malay slaves at the Cape. Much of our rich and significant history is recorded in the Archives, including information about people banished to the Cape for political reasons.

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) and its partners are using archival records to bring people together to build understanding of who we are and where we came from. A special National Archives Week programme will run daily from 08:30–15:00 this week. Contact Ms Lunette Lourens at 021 483 0400 for further information.

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