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CDWP hosts stakeholder engagement for Community Development Workers

28 February 2024

Breede Valley Municipality, February 28, 2024 – Today, the Directorate of the Community Development Worker Programme (CDWP) is convening a vital public stakeholder engagement at the Golden Valley Lodge and Casino in Breede Valley Municipality. This event brings together municipal and provincial government officials for an interactive session aimed at fostering collaboration and enhancing the effectiveness of community development efforts.

The primary objectives of this engagement include:

  • Providing stakeholders with the latest updates within the Community Development Worker Programme.
  • Recognizing and celebrating partnerships that contribute to the success of community development initiatives.
  • Identifying support requirements to establish effective collaboration platforms for sharing and exchanging experiential learning.

This annual meeting, organized by the Directorate of Community Development Worker Programme, plays a crucial role in strengthening the collaboration between the CDWP and its partners throughout the Western Cape. These partnerships span across all Municipalities in the Western Cape as well as between and Departments at both the Provincial and National spheres of government.

During the one-day meeting, participants engaged in discussions covering various topics such as the Community Development Contextual perspective and strategies for "Doing more with less." Moreover, emphasis was placed on strengthening collaboration among partners involved in the community development space.

Community development leaders had the opportunity to share their perspectives and articulate challenges encountered during the implementation of the programme. Key outcomes of the interactive session include:

  • Improving communication channels with all stakeholders involved.
  • Ensuring clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of the CDW Programme.

Mr. Heinrich Magerman Director for the Community Development Worker Programme said Stakeholder engagement isn't about communication alone it's about fostering meaningful relationships built on trust, transparency, and a common and purpose. “We must actively involve stakeholders in our decision-making processes to ensure their voices are not only heard but also valued." He said.

The event is attended by a diverse array of stakeholders, including representatives from government departments, municipalities, and the University of Western Cape, among others. 


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