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Olympic Spirit in Ladismith on Route to Albertinia

11 August 2015

The Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in partnership with Kannaland Municipality, Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation (WCPSC) and the Eden District Sport Council hosted a one day Olympic Day Exhibition in Ladismith on 8 August. The focus of the exhibition was the participation of women in the Olympic Games and sport, as well as the values of the Olympic Games. The exhibition forms part of the ‘road to Albertinia’ campaign and is a build-up to the Western Cape Olympic Day, which will be held in Albertinia on 26 September.

Approximately 50 young girls from Ladismith High School, Zoar, Gamka East Primary School and Towerkop Primary attended the exhibition. They learned about the history of the Olympic Games, with special focus on when women started taking part in the games. The young participants also took part in a ‘mini-Olympics’ activity, which taught them the value of team work and fair play. Social issues facing youth today, such as bullying and teenage pregnancy prevention were also discussed.

Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais, is passionate about promoting participation and fairness for women in sport. “August is Women’s month and I firmly believe that we must support our young girls and women to develop their talents in sport. I am proud of programmes such as these, where my department ensures that young women are empowered and given the opportunity to speak about the challenges they face.” she said.

The exhibition will travel to Vanwyksdorp on 22 August and Kranshoek on 29 August. DCAS and its partners are proud to spread the spirit of Olympism on the ‘Road to Albertinia’.

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