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National Bills: 1998

(File type: pdf; size: 24.47 KB)15 October 1998
This bill amends the Child Care Act, 1983, so as to simplify the procedure for the granting of legal representation for children in children's court proceedings as well as to: Provide for the rights of certain natural fathers where the adoption of their children born out of wedlock has been proposed and for certain notice to be given. Amend the Natural Fathers of Children Born out of Wedlock Act, 1997, so as to consolidate the law on adoption under the Child Care Act, 1983.
(File type: pdf; size: 76.81 KB)13 October 1998
This bill aims to amend the Aged Persons Act, 1967, so as to: Insert certain definitions. Provide for conditions regarding subsidies to managers of registered homes for the aged and to certain other institutions. Monitor compliance with conditions of registration of homes for the aged. Provide for the establishment of management committees for those homes. Provide for the accessibility of those homes. Provide for the enquiry by designated bodies into matters regarding aged persons.
(File type: pdf; size: 847.62 KB)27 July 1998
This bill provides for the granting of protection orders with regard to domestic violence; for an obligation to report cases of suspected ill-treatment of children and that a husband can be convicted of the rape of his wife.
(File type: pdf; size: 329.2 KB)1 October 1998
This bill provides for fundamental reform of the law relating to water resources, repeals certain laws and provides for matters connected therewith.