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Human Settlement Demand Study


The Human Settlement Demand Profiles were generated as part of a Human Settlement Demand Study conducted for the Province. It can be used by municipalities as a planning tool to improve housing provision processes as it assists in understanding the feasibility of different market segments within each municipal area. The profiles can also serve as a basis for future research projects or as inputs informing new policies regarding housing and human settlement demand.

A range of secondary data sources have been analysed to produce the profiles. It is critical to note that despite the reports being produced in 2015, they are based mostly on Census 2011 data. Data sources are provided in each case and where data has been manipulated, a methodology is provided in the end notes to the profiles.

The Housing Market Segment Report was prepared as an informant to the demand profiles and is referred to throughout.

The demand profiles are presented according to the three components of human settlements: Housing, Networked Infrastructure and Social Infrastructure, followed by Trends, Analysis and Discussion.

The Department encourages municipalities to access these Human Settlement Demand Profiles as they provide a valuable baseline view of the local context.

The final phase of the project is the web-based planning tool which will allow municipalities to build on to their profiles and analyse additional data according to their respective needs within their municipal areas. Communication will be sent to municipalities once the tool is accessible.


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