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Department of Human Settlements: About Us

The Department is committed to accelerating delivery, while promoting social cohesion through the development of integrated and sustainable human settlements in an open society.

Service Charter

Our Department is committed through this Service Charter to provide services to you. Let us make service delivery Better Together.

Organisational Structure

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Residents of the Western Cape have access to liveable, accessible, safe and multi-opportunity settlements.


The Department is committed to accelerating delivery, while promoting social cohesion through the development of sustainable, integrated and resilient human settlements in an open society. It aims to: 

  • provide settlements that offer good basic and socio-economic services;
  • offer a range of rental and ownership options that respond to the varied needs and incomes of households; and
  • consistently improve settlements through joint citizen and government effort supported by private sector contributions. 


The Department of Infrastructures' values are aligned to the Batho Pele principles as well as those of the Western Cape Government. The Department has unpacked the values to make them more specific to the mandate of the Department:

Caring -

Treating people with empathy in responding to their needs, prioritising the needs of the most vulnerable in our society when we select projects to fund and ensuring that municipalities do the same with the selection of beneficiaries.

Integrity -

Acting honestly and in the best interests of the Department, the taxpayers and the public we serve, taking pro-active steps to improve governance and prevent and act against corruption and maladministration.

Accountability -

Being open and transparent about what we want to achieve, and about our performance against our pre-determined objectives.

Responsiveness -

Ensuring that the human settlements we promote, enables and facilitates a response to the needs of our customers, and that we treat stakeholders with respect by consulting them in good faith, keeping them informed, and responding to applications, complaints, queries and requests timeously and appropriately.

Competence -

Focused on developing staff, systems and processes that are fit-for purpose to ensure the Department functions optimally to deliver on its mandate and achieve its strategic goals and objectives.

Innovation -

To be open to new ideas and develop creative solutions to challenges in a resourceful way.

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