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Complaint Forms for the Rental Housing Tribunal

(Western Cape Government)

These forms must be used to lodge a complaint to the Rental Housing Tribunal.
You should use the main form and then the relevant annexure for your complaint.

Completing the Complaint Form

  • Please complete the complaint form with all relevant details
  • Complete the dispute address section
  • Respondent details are important and names and contact numbers must be provided
  • If an agent is managing the property, the company details and contact numbers must be completed
  • Don’t forget to sign your application form!
  • Please look at the checklist and tick or circle the relevant complaint/s
  • Complete the relevant annexure so that we can understand your complaint

What Happens to My Complaint After This?

  • Your complaint form and annexures are handed in via email, post or hand delivery.
  • Your complaint is screened to see if there is an Unfair practice in terms of the Regulation 9(1)(e) and Regulation 9(2)(f)
  • Your complaint goes via the administrative process and a reference number is allocated to your complaint and thereafter it is referred to a case manager
  • A Case Officer will be assigned to your case and will contact you regarding your complaint

The Following Is a Summary Of How a Complaint Is Dealt With:

  • The registration of a case may take up to 14 days, all relevant parties will receive a letters via post with a reference number.
  • Once a complaint is lodged, a preliminary investigation, as may be necessary, will be conducted to determine whether the complaint relates to a dispute in respect of a matter which may constitute an unfair practice.
  • The complaint/investigation may take up to 90 days to be finalized as prescribed in the Rental Housing Act 50/1999. 
  • It is the responsibility of the complainant to provide us with any information or copies (not the original) of any documents that may help us to investigate a complaint

Contact us on:

Rental Housing Tribunal

27 Wale Street, Cape Town, 8001

P.O Box X9083, Cape Town, 8000

Email: for complaint forms

Email:  for questions or call us on 086 010 6166

The content on this page was last updated on 10 November 2017