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Department of Economic Development and Tourism - Public Information: S

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Western Cape is ready to welcome tourists. Issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council; the Travel Stamp is for use by the Travel and Tourism sector, globally as best practice guidelines to help restart and speed up the recovery of the sector in the wake of COVID-19.

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Provincial Skills and Partnerships (PSP)

The key role of the Provincial Skills Partnerships sub-programme is the coordination of skills development which facilitates a shift of the imbalance and mismatches between the current shortage of high-level skills required by a competitive global economy and large supply of low-level skills. Overcoming this imbalance will directly increase economic growth and reduce poverty.

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Programme 7.3: Skills Incentives

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This programme outlines the day-by-day activities at the Small Business Week 2004 event. These include seminars, workshops, exhibitions and presentations.
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Dear Bidder,

Due to ongoing protest action outside of NBS Waldorf building, access to the building will be limited.

For this reason, it will not be possible to submit bid proposals in the bid box.  We suggest that the person(s) submitting the bid proposals speak to the community safety officials (in blue uniforms) on Burg Street who will usher bidders to the 9th floor.

Bidders may also contact the following officials to arrange for the receipt of the bid proposals prior to the scheduled date and time:

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