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Welcome to The ImpleMentors

We’ve been looking for someone like you, but you found us. Nice one! As an ImpleMentor, you will play a part in the next generation of skilled apprentices, arming them with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel and bring more of these essential skills to the South African market.

Futureproofing apprenticeships of the 21st century requires a coordinated effort between various role-players, from TVET College Staff to company MDs and HR Managers. Together these role-players become the facilitators of the Dual System, the agents of change, The ImpleMentors.
The ImpleMentors team is made up by 3 essential people – Employers, TVET College Staff, and the Students. 

Let’s find out about the role of The ImpleMentors. Who do you want to hear about?

FAQs & Information

There’s so much more about The ImpleMentors and the A21 Dual System to tell you about. Scroll down to get more information on the A21 Dual System and Frequently Asked Questions.

The Implementors
The centres of Specialisation
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The Costs of a21 Implementation
Benefits and Incentives for Employers
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