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Arts and Culture: Overview

Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
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The people of the Western Cape hum with artistic and creative talent. Wherever you are, you will hear a tune. From the robots, skillful crafters sell their wares. Artists create colourful works in their studios, while dancers warm up for a show. Poets, writers and storytellers gather and conjure their tales. The Cultural Services of DCAS serves this hum.

Cultural Services facilitates the promotion, preservation and development of arts and culture in the province. It does so through the creation of arts and culture structures, activities and environments as well as by assisting the Western Cape Cultural Commission.

Like the stagehand who co-ordinates the props for a production, Cultural Services acts as a facilitator of the bigger show. By providing information and creating platforms to showcase and develop talent, Cultural Services supports performing and creative arts practitioners, artists and musicians, as well as artisans and arts administrators.

Nobody should be excluded from expressing themselves through the arts, or enjoying the arts. Youth, women and people living with disability are members of the community with whom Cultural Services works particularly closely so that their creative input may be included and celebrated.

Find and explore our cultural facilities
Use our Living Atlas to see all of our cultural facilities and find out more about each site.


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