Weighbridge certificates


If you build a vehicle up from parts, or if the tare of the vehicle changes, you will have to obtain a mass measuring certificate before you will be able to register the vehicle.

You can get your vehicle weighed at any private entity which operates a weighbridge, who must issue a weighbridge certificate containing the following information as stipulated in Regulation 66.

  1. A mass measuring certificate issued on a form similar to form MMC, or on form MMC as shown in Schedule 2, shall be obtained by the applicant at his or her own expense from a person in charge of a registered weighbridge facility.
  2. The tare of a motor vehicle referred to in subregulation (1), shall be determined in the presence of a registered weighbridge operator employed at the facility referred to in subregulation (1).
  3. A mass measuring certificate issued under this regulation shall contain the following information:
  • The chassis number expressed in not more than 17 alpha-numerical characters,
  • the licence number of the motor vehicle, if applicable,
  • a general description of the motor vehicle,
  • the tare of the motor vehicle expressed in kilograms in not more than 5 figures,
  • the name and address of the body that operates the mass measuring equipment,
  • the name and identity number of the person referred to in subregulation (2),
  • the date on which the motor vehicle was weighed.

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