Vehicle examiner and driving licences examiner registration

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Licence inspectors, vehicle examiners, driving licence examiners, traffic officers and traffic wardens need to be registered.

The minimum requirements are that you must:

  • have an appropriate diploma,
  • be a fit and proper person, and
  • have undergone training in relation to the laws applicable to the transportation of dangerous goods (traffic officer only).

To apply to register, you need to fill out form RO and pay the registration fee at the Department of Transport and Public Works, Transport Administration and Licensing.

Transport Administration and Licensing
Department of Transport and Public Works
Walk-in Centre
C/o Loop and Dorp Street
Cape Town

Opening hours: 8am to 3pm

When you submit the form, you also need to show your:

  • ID,
  • diploma, and 
  • driving licence.

Procedure to link and appoint examiner of vehicles

Before an examiner can be linked to all the Vehicle Testing Stations (VTS), the testing station proprietor who desires to appoint any examiner of vehicle at a testing station will have to submit the particulars of such examiner to the MEC (Department of Transport and Public Works) for approval in terms of the provisions of regulation 134 of the NRT Regulations.

The process is as follows:

  • The examiner obtains his diploma.
  • He applies for registration.
  • The Department issues the registration certificate (registration on NaTIS).
  • He or she applies for employment as an examiner at a VTS.
  • The proprietor of the VTS then applies for the appointment of the Examiner of Vehicles (EoV) to the MEC.
  • The proprietor submits all required documents such as South African Police Services (SAPS) clearance, copy of registration certificate, ID, driving licence and dimploma to this Department (MEC).
  • The MEC (delegated powers) gives permission for the appointment in terms of regulation 134.
  • Once the permission has been given, the link can be done.

For more information contact:

Transport Administration and Licensing
Tel: 021 483 0520/5391/2469/6401/2078/2080
Twitter: @WCGovTPW

There is a R55 fee for each category for which you would like to register.