Minister Mackenzie hands over bicycles in George to boost safety, economy

4 March 2024
Mobility Department

On Saturday, 2 March 2024, Provincial Minister of Mobility, Ricardo Mackenzie, handed over sixty bicycles to cycling clubs, entrepreneurs, and neighbourhood watches (NHWs) at the inaugural ‘George Bicycle Day’ in partnership with the George Municipality and other stakeholders.

The event is part of the Western Cape Government’s ‘Bicycle Distribution Project (BDP),’ which boosts community safety efforts and the local economy while promoting bicycles as a sustainable, affordable, and healthy transport mode.

Activities included bicycle mechanic training, and learn-to-ride and safe cycling lessons, while previous recipients could bring their bicycles in for a check-up and to get minor repairs and maintenance done.

During the handover ceremony, 12-year-old cyclist Acacia Salmons from Pacaltsdorp shared her safety tips with the participants, “Wear a helmet and bright clothes to make sure you are safe, and have fun!”

Local tourism entrepreneur, Nomzamo Entile from Explore Our Hood, spoke about the impact of the BDP bicycles she received in 2022, “These bicycles have enabled our business, kept us healthy, and kept money in our pockets that we would have normally spent on petrol.”

Minister Mackenzie said, “Bicycles change lives – from being an affordable way to get to work, to giving youngsters fun and healthy recreation options, and empowering neighbourhood watches on their patrols. We all know the theory, but when you hear it first-hand from people whose lives have already been changed by our Bicycle Distribution Project, it makes this new round of bicycle handovers even more exciting. I look forward to hearing about the impact in the future.”

Minister Mackenzie was joined by Provincial Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen, who handed over a certificate of accreditation and starter pack to Thembalethu Sector 2 NHW in addition to the five bicycles they received.

Minister Allen said, “Ensuring our NHW structures are fully resourced in their voluntary role is critical. These brave men and women offer up their time and energy to work in their communities. We have committed to assist them with the necessary resources, while also capacitating them through training, equipment, and support. They continue to show how effective they are in being the extra eyes and ears for the SAPS and other law enforcement agencies so that crime cannot take root in their areas.”


Rebecca Campbell

Spokesperson for Minister Ricardo Mackenzie

Cell: 076 783 2583