Consolidated feedback on public transport operations on 28 July 2021

28 July 2021
Department of Transport and Public Works

Media Release by Daylin Mitchell, Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works

A situational report on public transport operations in the greater Cape Town region. Where an area is not specifically mentioned, no specific issues were raised and operations seem to be running. Where an area is specifically mentioned and it is stated that services are running, it means that the area has been flagged as an area where disruptions are possible.

Please note that this situational report is based on current information, is valid only at the time of publishing, and is subject to change at any time.

  • B97 MBT Route (Mbekweni to Bellville)
    • No MBT services.
    • Additional bus service functioning.
  • Local routes in Paarl are running.
  • Limited MBT services from Khayelitsha, Nyanga and Langa leading to limited services at the Bellville PTI. MBT services not affiliated to CATA and CODETA are operating.
  • Bellville PTI:
    • Golden Arrow Bus Services are operating.
    • No CATA- or CODETA-affiliated MBT services are running.
  • Wynberg PTI:
    • No CATA- or CODETA-affiliated MBT services are visible. Non-CATA and CODETA affiliated MBTs in operation
    • Bus services are operating.
  • Mitchell’s Plain PTI:
    • Bus services are operating.
    • No CATA- or CODETA-affiliated MBT services in operation
  • Cape Town Station deck:
    • Steady flow of MBT services.
    • Limited to no CATA and CODETA MBT services are running.
  • Nyanga Central PTI and bus terminus:
    • Bus services running. Passengers embark and disembark at Nyanga South African Police Service (SAPS) station.
    • Very limited or no MBT services in operation.
  • Mowbray and Claremont:
    • Limited MBT services in operation.
    • Buses are operating.
  • Vrygrond PTI
    • CODETA-affiliated MBT services are operating.
  • Athlone PTI
    • No CATA or CODETA-affiliated MBT services are operating.

Other modes of public transport are operating as well as minibus taxis not affiliated to CATA or CODETA. It is important to note that, while operations at PTIs may be reduced, services along the routes continue to operate.

There are currently no disruptions on the affected closed route. I am pleased with the current operation and I thank our commuters for working with us with these new transport arrangements. I know this has been a very difficult time for many people, and I again reiterate my commitment to ensuring the safety of our residents.

The arbitration process between CATA and CODETA is currently ongoing.

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