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Application for Funding of Arts and Culture Organisations 2009

Non-profit bona fide arts and culture organisations involved in the visual, performing or literary arts, humanities and youth development can apply for funding from the Arts and Culture component of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport by filling out this form. Also see the attached advert for instructions.

Funding Application 2015-2016

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Funding for Arts and Culture

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Policy on the Funding of Non-Government Organisations for the Provision of Social Welfare and Community Development Services

(File type: pdf; size: 5.13 MB)Department of Social Development (Western Cape Government)
This policy sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Social Development in the delivery and management of funding to the NGO for the provision of social welfare and community development services in the Western Cape Province.

Western Cape Cultural Commission Purpose and Functions

Overview The Western Cape Cultural Commission is a statutory body that advises the Minister on the preservation, promotion and development of arts and culture in the communities it represents. The commission members are nominated by the public and appointed by the Minister. The Commission consists of three committees, with the chairperson of each constituting the Executive Committee. Funding, Cultural Councils and Facilities are the three committees of the WCCC. In addition to committee meetings, plenary sessions are held. Services:

Western Cape Funding Fair 2015

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