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Fire is Everyone's Fight



The Fire is Everyone's Fight Toolkit contains guidelines for using the posters with learners. It also includes suggestions for activities that reinforce the key fire safety and emergency preparedness messages. Fire- and life-safety educators, as well as teachers, can use the lesson plans and activity book for one-on-one, small-group or classroom instruction.

Fire Safety Lesson Plans

The below list of resources can be used to teach Fire Safety:

Fire Safety Activity Booklets & Activities

The below list of resources can be used to further reinforce and test Fire Safety knowledge:


The below posters can be used to drive awareness around Fire Safety:

  1. Stay away from hot things
  2. Stay away from hot water
  3. Match & lighter safety
  4. Safety with hazardous liquids
  5. Safety around open flames
  6. Fire hazard inspections
  7. Install and maintain smoke alarms
  8. Home fire escape plan
  9. Identify fire exits
  10. Respond correctly during fire drills
  11. Crawl low under smoke
  12. Entering a high-risk area
  13. Report fire and smoke immediately
  14. Stop, drop & roll if your clothes are on fire
  15. Cool a burn with cool water
  16. Helping to prevent fires
  17. Firefighters are community helpers
The content on this page was last updated on 3 August 2021