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Economic Sector Support: Tourism Growth and Development

Economic sector support

Tourism Growth and Development


Who are we?

The Tourism Growth and Development unit oversees the development of new or existing tourism products and experiences across all six regions of the Western Cape. The unit facilitates the growth and development of the tourism industry.  Part of the unit's purpose is to also enhance he quality of the visitor experience to the destination through the provision of quality tourism support services.

What we do?

The Tourism Growth and Development unit's focus is on tourism district initiatives which aim to provide support to various districts in the Western Cape through the support of infrastructure, marketing and product development.


The unit is responsible for the following:

  • Oversight role of the Western Cape Destination Marketing Organisation also known as Wesgro. 
  • Development and implementation of tourism destination policies and strategies for the tourism sector. 
  • Key stakeholder relationship management and upkeep of networks also play an integral part in our day-to-day activities.


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Key programmes and initiatives

The unit is also responsible for the following key programmes and initiatives:

Tourism Growth Fund 

The Tourism Growth Fund will provide financial support to develop programmes and projects that benefit Western Cape-based tourism attractions and businesses.

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Tourism Product Development Fund 2021

The Tourism Product Development Fund supports the development of new tourism products and experiences and/or major upgrading of existing tourism products and experiences to increase the Western Cape’s destination attractiveness to visitors.

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Tourism Service Excellence Advocacy

To conduct workshops on Tourism Quality and Service Excellence

Encourage experience development aligned to Tourism Blueprint 2030

To develop experience toolkit and workshops with the industry.

Special Projects

The Western Cape : Its more than you think campaign 2022

The purpose of the campaign is to showcase the Western Cape as a world-class destination and one which is affordable and accessible.

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Our Team

For more information on the Tourism Growth and Development unit, please contact:      pink_wale_tail.png

Lindy Cambouris

Deputy Director


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