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Economic Sector Support: Manufacturing

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What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the production of goods through the use of labor, machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation from raw materials and commodities. Manufacturing sub-sectors are targeted due to their contribution to economic growth, export market potential, employment creation opportunities and retention of current jobs. In addition to this, the opportunities relating to localization and value adding in the sub-sectors needs to be further researched. Manufacturing in the Western Cape is comprised of several sub-sectors, namely:

1. Food, beverages, and tobacco products;

2. Textiles, clothing, and leather goods;

3. Wood and wood products;

4. Fuel, petroleum, chemical and rubber products;

5. Other non-metallic mineral products;

6. Metal products, machinery, and household appliances;

7. Electrical machinery and apparatus;

8. Electronic, sound/vision, medical & other appliances; 

9. Transport equipment; and 

10. Furniture and other items NEC and recycling.


Who are we?             

The team identifies manufacturing sub-sectors with economic growth potential, export potential, job creation opportunities as well as value addition or localization opportunities. The unit is responsible for sector coordination and driving any sector development programmes relating to the manufacturing sector in the Western Cape.

Key programmes and initiatives

The manufacturing units focus is on the following sub-sectors and industry value-chains for both economic recovery and economic growth purposes are:

Marine Manufacturing and Associated Services that includes building and repair of ships and boats

The Marine Manufacturing and Associated Services industry is viewed as highly strategic and has major spin-offs to other industries including steel, engineering equipment, port infrastucture, trade and shipping services.

 For more information on the industry, please click here

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Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather

The clothing, textiles, footwear and leather (CTFL) industry is a highly diverse and mature industry, with an important role to play as an employer in the country. Cape Town and the Western Cape, regarded as South Africa's hub of high fashion, are home to the country's higher-value-added garment manufacturing.  The region has the highest concentration of clothing manufacturing activity in the country. 

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Metals, Engineering and Related Industries that includes Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment, Plastics Industry, Transport Equipment

These industries are at the centre of economic development because they produce products, applications and services used across the entire economy.  This includes infrastructure programmes, construction, general engineering, mining, automotive and packaging. 

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Furniture Industry

The furniture industry consists of businesses that manufacture and sell furniture, textiles and related goods to residences, offices, hotels and others in the commercial space. 

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Our Team

For more information on the Manufacturing unit, please contact:

Marthinus van Wyk

Deputy Director

Michelle Leak

Administrative Officer

Tembela Selani

Personal Assistant

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