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Special Education Support Services


The WCED's Directorate: Specialised Support Services offers a range of services for learners experiencing barriers to learning. These services include:

  • Prevention of learning difficulties.
  • Early identification of learning difficulties and early intervention.
  • Specialised support services including psychological, therapeutic, health and social services.
  • Education programmes for learners with special education needs in both in mainstream schools and in schools for learners with special education needs.

The directorate manages 77 schools in the province for learners with special education needs (ELSEN). ELSEN specialists are also based in the Education Management and Development Centres (EMDCs) in all seven education districts of the Western Cape.

Special Needs Care 2

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) delivers its services via 8 Education Districts across the province; 4 are in the metropolitan region of Cape Town and 4 cover the rural areas.   Each district has a team of support specialists to assist schools meet the special needs of learners who experience any learning difficulty, disability, or other challenge. They include  a person responsible for learning support in mainstream schools, and one who is responsible for special schools. A school psychologist, social worker and learning support advisor is attached to each circuit of schools.

The policy of the WCED is to provide support to learners in mainstream schools as far as possible. Some mainstream schools have been designated Full-Service Schools and offer support via a unit class. Special schools are there to support learners with a high level of need, and also to act as resource centres to the mainstream schools. Special school applications or referrals need to be made via the relevant  district team.


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E-mail: Berenice.Daniels@westerncape.gov.za

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