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Social Issues Affecting Schools

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Youths at risk are learners who have problems such as drug and/or alcohol abuse or are in trouble with the law. Their emotional and/or behavioural problems are barriers to their learning and development.In the Western Cape, there are five levels of...
All learners and educators should respect the rights of other learners and educators. Schools should create an environment which prevents discrimination against HIV-positive learners and staff members by:
All schools and other educational institutions should implement universal precautions to prevent transmission of HIV and other blood-borne diseases. A full list of the precautions that should be taken is given in the document...
The WCED has established a Safe Schools Call Centre as part of the Safe Schools Programme.   Educators, learners and parents can call the toll-free number to report violence, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, vandalism and/or complaints regarding...
The WCED's Safe Schools Programme works with schools to ensure safe school environments needed for successful teaching and learning.
The WCED's Directorate: Specialised Support Services offers a range of services for learners experiencing barriers to learning. These services include:
The National Education Strategy prioritises HIV/AIDS in education and requires HIV/AIDS to be included in the curriculum as part of Life Orientation.