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Western Cape Will Not Increase Motor Vehicle License Fees For 3 Years

16 June 2010

Statement by Western Cape Minister of Transport Robin Carlisle

The Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle, today announced that his department will not increase Motor Vehicle License Fees in the province for the next three years.

This follows the Western Cape in-principle agreements with other provinces not to increase its fees until such time that they are aligned with the tariff levels of the other provinces.

The Western Cape currently has the highest Motor Vehicle License Fees in the country emanating from consecutive years of fee increases way ahead of other provinces.

Minister Carlisle is adamant that the decision to cap the fee will bring huge financial relief to motorists. Motorists are already over-burdened by the rising cost of fuel and other expenses related to maintaining their vehicles. This policy decision will definitely provide them with some much-needed relief for the next few years.

Minister Carlisle attributed the decline of motorists registering their vehicles in the province over the past few years to the provinces high tariff fees.

It is quite clear that the rate of our tariff levels have pushed motorists to register their vehicles in other provinces where it is cheaper to do so.

Consequently, this has resulted in potential loss of substantial revenue - which could have been invested in improving the public transport system in the Western Cape. I'm confident that this will help reverse this trend, concluded the Minister.

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