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Western Cape Treasury hosts #EnoughIsEnough photo art exhibition

23 November 2017

Enough Is Enough Photo Art Exhibition I Every Scar Tells a Story Women Writing Retreat/ Workshop

  • One out of every four women in South Africa is in an abusive relationship.
  • Every six days a woman in South Africa is murdered by her intimate partner.
  • Every 25 seconds a woman or girl is raped in South Africa.

These shocking statistics are not new; every time we read a newspaper or turn on the television, we are made aware of the escalating level of abuse towards women and girls that takes place in our communities. We are calling all South Africans to stand together and speak out.

Since 2004, the 1000 Women Trust has been mobilizing “1000 Women to Unite against Domestic Violence” across South Africa.

This year we are raising the voices of women, through a photo art exhibition and a Women Writing Retreat. The exhibition is taking place at the Western Cape Provincial Administration Concourse whilst the 3-day retreat and workshop will take place in Saldanha. Whilst different in approach; both projects bring awareness on the escalating violence against women and children.

 “The Western Cape Government is proud to partner with the 1000 Women Trust as it mobilizes women to Unite against domestic violence across South Africa. Women’s voices must be heard and the arts provide another platform for women to not only amplify their journey through their world of abuse and domestic violence but also offer hope to the many others who are caught in the grip of this scourge. The Western Cape Government will certainly continue to work tirelessly towards creating a society in which every person living in the Western Cape feels safe and is able to live their lives to its full potential” says Western Cape Finance Minister, Dr Ivan Meyer.

 #EnoughIsEnough Photo Art Exhibition

 We are pleased to announce the launch of the Enough Is Enough Photo Art Exhibition; a project borne out of the 1000 Women 1 Voice campaign - an initiative of the 1000 Women Trust. The initiative will be launched as part of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children which runs from the 25 November 2017 to 10 December 2017 in South Africa. This will take place at the concourse, 7 Wale Street, Cape Town.

 After the 10 December 2017 the exhibition will move to the Slave Lodge, c/o Adderly and Wale Streets, Cape Town where it will be on display until the 8 March 2018; the International Women’s Day; where the exhibition will again be launched.

#EveryScarTellsAStory Women Writing Retreat

 The writing retreat is a safe space for women who have been exposed to gender based violence to gather at a sacred space where they can freely express themselves and reflect on their lives, hopes, dreams and fears through creative writing and storytelling.

 This opportunity is being opened for women who have been through the most to participate; journey; reflect; release and heal through telling and sharing their stories. The sessions are designed in such a way that not only do the women narrate the stories, they will also be given tools so that should they choose to continue with their writing; be it memoires; poems or journals- they are able to do so

>These narratives will be published as a celebration of these women, who have reclaimed their lives stories by sharing them with the world and other women who are experiencing or have experienced trauma. What makes this reflective writing different? It is a means to an end. It is a space for letting out, cry, get angry and laugh. Most of all, it is a space for the women to be themselves. It is a safe space to reflect; release; heal and be with other women who have been through similar pain. It will be an empowering process. The exhibition will be held on an annual basis and therefore we are hoping that more and more voices of women will reverberate the cry for violence against women and children to stop.

For more information, please visit: www.1000women.co.za

We look forward to seeing you at 7 Wale Street, Cape Town from 24 November 2017 until 10 December 2017!

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