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Western Cape public schools paid over R36 million in bank charges in 2021

17 November 2022

Western Cape public schools paid a total of over R36 million in bank charges last year, at an average of R23 572 per school.

However, this average obscures a number of significant outliers: 40 of our schools have reported paying over R100 000 per year in bank charges, with the top 10 highest bank charges alone totalling over R1.5 million in 2021:

Fee-charging school



School A

Metro South

R188 461

School B

Eden & Central Karoo

R179 184

School C

Metro North

R166 220

School D

Metro South

R154 031

School E

Cape Winelands

R152 378

School F

Metro East

R151 746

School G

Metro North

R151 545

School H

Metro South

R148 914

School I

Metro South

R137 457

School J

Cape Winelands

R132 575



R1 562 511


Alarmingly, one of our no-fee schools is paying over R100 000 a year in bank charges, with a further 8 no-fee schools paying more than R50 000.

No-fee school



School K

Metro Central

R114 526

School L

Metro North

R95 936

School M

West Coast

R80 212

School N

Cape Winelands

R75 024

School O

Metro East

R73 041

School P

Metro South

R67 030

School Q

Metro East

R56 161

School R

Metro East

R53 328

School S

Metro East

R50 237



R665 495


While account holders must pay for services rendered, we would like to ensure that school funds are primarily spent on learners’ education, especially where our no-fee schools are concerned.

The Department has written to the 10 fee-charging and 9 no-fee schools with the highest charges for their input regarding the expense, and what assistance they would like from the Department to help them reduce the charges.

We have also reached out to senior managers of some of the major banks on an informal basis to discuss the situation, and I appreciate their willingness to examine the issue to find ways to reduce the costs. I will be engaging formally with the major banks for their assistance once all of our data is collated.

We will offer schools our support in finding ways to reduce this cost, so that learners receive the full benefit of investments in education.

Media Enquiries: 

Kerry Mauchline
Spokesperson to Minister David Maynier
Western Cape Ministry of Education