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WC Water Update

12 November 2018


The average water level for dams in the Western Cape currently stands at 63.1% (2017: 34.9%). Dams supplying the City of Cape Town have decreased to 72.9% (2017: 36.4%). Major dams in the province are better off than last year at this time, with the Theewaterskloof dam 56% full (2017: 24%) and Clanwilliam Dam at 94% full (2017: 36%).


Anton Bredell, the minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape says the province’s greatest ongoing concern remains for the Karoo region of the Western Cape where the average level for dams is still below 20%. Of particular concern remains the town of Beaufort-West.

“While outlying areas are better off, the situation in the town of Beaufort-West is very serious. A National government disaster classification remains in effect. It must be noted that the town has long not relied on surface water with the major dams being empty for a long time. Instead the town relies on boreholes and a water reclamation plant for its supply of drinking water. The plant remains operational and there are additional plans in motion to drill additional boreholes.”


Locals, tourists and other visitors to the town are urged to use water as sparingly as possible and to report leaks to the local authorities speedily.

“There are things we can all do to make a real difference. It starts with being water conscious and water wise. Our disaster management department has a permanent ongoing presence in the area to monitor the situation,” says Bredell.


Major Dam statistics

Theewaterskloof dam – 56.6% full this week (2017: 24.6%. Last week: 56.9%)

Voëlvlei dam – 93.7% full this week (2017: 27.5%. Last week: 95.11%)

Bergriver Dam 98.5% full this week (2017: 66.5%. Last week: 99.2%).

Clanwilliam Dam 94.1%. (2017: 36.3%. Last week: 98.3%) 




Media Enquiries: 

James-Brent Styan

Spokesperson for the Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell

Mobile:                   084 583 1670

Telephone:            021 483 2820

E-mail:                    James-Brent.Styan@westerncape.gov.za