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Violent clashes outside Brackenfell High School are unacceptable

9 November 2020

I am deeply disturbed by the violent clashes that occurred outside Brackenfell High School this morning, over a private matric celebration organised by some parents of learners who attend the school.

I strongly condemn both the actions of the EFF members and those parents outside the school, who used violence to address their concerns. Violent attacks are simply not acceptable and will in no way benefit our learners. Violence is also not the solution to solving disagreements. I urge all parties to engage with one another in a responsible and adult manner, and for SAPS to ensure that our learners are protected from this kind of violence.

Our learners are currently writing matric exams after a stressful and difficult year, and the EFF knows full well that this kind of confrontation will disrupt learning and cause unnecessary distress to our learners. To deliberately instigate this kind of confrontation clearly demonstrates that the EFF has little concern for the welfare of learners.  It is yet another attempt by them to sow further division with populist antics.

Whatever one’s views may be, the fact is that the event in question was privately organised, at a private venue, by private individuals. The school had nothing to do with the organisation or management of that event. It was not supported, funded or endorsed by the school in any way. The school did not hold a matric ball this year owing to Covid-19 concerns. The WCED cannot and will not take action against educators who were invited as guests and attended a private event, which they did not organise, and had no prior knowledge of the attendees. We are also not in the business of prescribing who people must invite to private events outside of school property.

Media Enquiries: 

Kerry Mauchline
Spokesperson to Minister Debbie Schäfer
Western Cape Ministry of Education