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Training provided to School Safety Ambassadors:Personal Mastery & Peace Building

26 February 2021

Between 22 February and 26 March 2021, the Department of Community Safety will be providing training to School Safety Ambassadors on personal mastery, leadership and peace building at Chrysalis Academy, Tokai. Please see photos attached.

The School Safety Ambassador Programme is an initiative by the Department of Community Safety (DoCS). The aim of the programme is to promote and enhance safety in the school environment through the appointment of Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) interns known as School Safety Ambassadors. Those that attended and participated in the training will receive a certificate of attendance.

Minister Fritz said, “We have received extremely positive feedback from school principals about the impact of our school safety ambassadors. The safety ambassadors have contributed towards ensuring that the teaching and administrative staff at the schools can focus on teaching, academic performance and the progress of the learners.”

Minister Fritz added, “The School Safety Ambassadors are primarily placed at primary schools in the Mitchells Plain and Klipfontein and have played a critical role in assisting schools with COVID-19 activities such as screening, social distancing protocols and other related matters. They have also assisted schools with certain administrative tasks.”

Minister Fritz added further, “In total there are 83 interns on the programme. A day in the life of a safety ambassador consists of assisting the school with administrative tasks, patrolling the perimeter, and acting as teaching assistants. They have greatly assisted in the day-to-day running and safety of the schools they serve in.”

Minister Fritz concluded, “The DoCS is partnering with the Chrysalis Academy to offer the School Safety Ambassadors training in personal mastery, leadership and peace building. DOCS is facilitating the first day of training to unpack the experiences, learnings and recommendations for the overall improvement of the School Safety Ambassador Programme. I thank the CEO and staff of Chrysalis Academy for the excellent partnership. It is an example of the kinds of cooperation we will have with them in the Youth Safety Ambassadors Programme.”­


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Spokesperson for Minister Albert Fritz

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