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Strand and Gordon's Bay Residents Reminded of Seasonal Beach Road Parking Tariff Increase

16 December 2010

The City of Cape Town would like to remind residents that the annual seasonal parking tariff for portions of Beach Road, in Strand and Gordon's Bay, came into effect on 01 December 2010 and will be valid until 30 April 2011. The parking tariff during this time is seven rand (R7, 00) per hour or part thereof.

As advised earlier this year, parking tariffs in all areas of the city increased from 01 July 2010 as part of the new city-wide parking tariffs for the 2010/2011 financial year.

In Strand and Gordon's Bay during the summer season there is an increase in demand for parking, but a limited availability of parking bays. This often results in the monopolisation of parking bays for lengthy periods. This situation prompted the City many years ago to introduce a higher, seasonal parking tariff to Beach Road to prevent the use of parking bays for long periods and to promote a higher turn-over of vehicles, in order for more people to get an opportunity to find a parking bay close to the beach.

The tariff currently only has an hourly rate, and no fifteen (15) minute or thirty (30) minute rate. Local businesses in the area have suggested that they have lost customers due to there only being an hourly rate. The City is therefore investigating this and is considering introducing a more flexible tariff in the 2011/2012 financial year, with shorter minimum parking times to suit the needs of a greater variety of people. The current seven rand (R7, 00) hourly tariff cannot be changed in terms of legislation and any proposed amendments to the tariffs can only be implemented in the next financial year.

The schedule for 2010/2011 Transport Parking Tariffs across the city is available on the City's website.

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