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Stamping Out Measles and Polio

12 June 2013
Western Cape Government Health in the Cape Winelands wishes to thank parents, guardians and crechés of the district for helping to ensure that polio and measles are eradicated.   
The Department of Health sets targets to ensure a successful campaign and for the Cape Winelands these were: 
Polio immunisations, for children aged 0 – 59 months: the target was set at 90% coverage which is equal to 69 577 children. In the Cape Winelands, 95% of all children were immunised.
Measles immunisations, for children aged 9 – 59 months: the target was 95% or 58 014 children. Again, the Cape Winelands exceeded the target by immunising 102% of all children.  
Great efforts were made by the rural staff to ensure that these targets were met. Door-to-door campaigns were hosted in most areas with carers and staff working together to immunise all children. 
The next round of the campaign kicks off on 18 June 2013, during which children will only receive the follow up polio drops.  It is important that, once again, parents, guardians and crèches assist the Department in eradicating this disease by making sure that children under 59 months (five years) receive the follow-up drops from their nearest clinic or at the crèche they attend.
Media Enquiries: 
Jo-Anne Otto
Communications Officer: Cape Winelands District
Tel: 023 348 8100
Cell:  072 808 0106