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Shark Alert: City Warns of High Great White Shark Activity in False Bay

28 November 2010

The City of Cape Town and the Shark Spotting Programme would like to alert beach users to recent and ongoing high Great White Shark activity in the inshore area of False Bay, particularly in the Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Clovelly areas.

Shark Spotters have recorded consistent shark sightings throughout the day at both Muizenberg and Fish Hoek beaches. The spotters have also noted the presence of more than one shark at any given time at both beaches. The sharks appear to be actively following Yellow Tail fish which have been schooling in the area, and are among their preferred prey.

The City is thus issuing a general caution, which will remain in place until Shark Spotters confirm that shark activity has decreased. The high levels of activity are expected to subside once the Yellow Tail move back into deeper water, which should be within the next day or two.

The City appeals to all water users to be extra vigilant at this time, to familiarise themselves with the recent shark activity in the area before entering the water, obey the shark siren, and to take note of the Shark Spotters' flags and signage for regular updates on shark sightings. The four-flag warning system works in the following manner:

  • A red flag indicates a Shark Alert. This flag will be flown during periods of increased shark activity, after a shark has recently been spotted in the area and the beach cleared, or when conditions are conducive to high shark activity
  • A green flag means that the spotting conditions are good and no sharks have been seen
  • A black flag means that the spotting conditions are poor, but no sharks have been seen
  • A white flag with a black shark diagram means that a shark is currently near the beach, and beach users must get out of the water. A siren is sounded and the white flag is raised.

Issued by:
Communication Department
City of Cape Town

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Sakhile Tsotsobe
Coastal Coordinator
City of Cape Town
Tel: 021 400 4638
Cell: 072 626 3669

Alison Kock
Shark Spotting Programme
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