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Premier Zille and Minister Grant to Open Riebeeck Valley School

21 September 2012

On Friday, 21 September, Premier Helen Zille and Minister Donald Grant will officially open the Riebeeck Valley Special School of Skills. The Riebeeck Valley Special School is one of 18 Schools of Skills in the province.

Schools of Skills are extremely valuable to this government as they provide important educational opportunities for those learners whose educational needs cannot be met in mainstream schools.

Here, learners can seek alternative education and training. They are offered a vocational, practical or technical curriculum in study fields such as automative services, building and construction, manufacturing, hospitality, administration and personal care.

Currently, 7 185 learners are enrolled at 18 schools of skills across the province.

A further five public schools offer schools of skills services through skills units, accommodating an additional 731 learners.

Therefore, nearly 8 000 learners receive important and valuable skills through these institutions which will then hopefully translate into further job creation in this province.

The importance attached to these institutions by this government is evident through the number of new Schools of Skills that have opened up in this province in recent years. Eight of the 18 Schools of Skills in the Western Cape have opened in just the last three years.

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