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Premier and Mobility Minister establish taxi task team as stay away is withdrawn

21 February 2023

Joint media release: Premier and Mobility Minister establish taxi task team as stay away withdrawn

Premier Alan Winde and Minister of Mobility, Ricardo Mackenzie are delighted with the outcome of today’s meeting with SANTACO, which resulted in the withdrawal of the planned minibus taxi industry stay away scheduled for tomorrow. The meeting committed to ongoing engagements between government and the industry in a special Task Team.

The engagement set up by newly-appointedMinister Mackenzie aimed to minimise the impact that the stay away would have had on commuters using public transport to get to work and school. The meeting included SANTACO representatives from across the province, Premier Winde, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis and members of the provincial and City governments.

Minister Mackenzie says, “The commitments made in today’s engagement indicate a show of good faith from all sides. Through the Task Team, we will work together to address the challenges faced by the minibus taxi industry and ensure people can travel safely this week.”

Premier Winde thanked the leadership of SANTACO for agreeing to today’s meeting. “We need to find a way forward together to reach a sustainable solution to the grievances raised by the council. We must all ensure our residents come first and that they can move around safely and reliably.”

He added, “It is not just about averting this strike, which I am thrilled we have been able to achieve at a time when our economy is struggling amid stage 6 loadshedding, it is also about improving public transport, making it an economic enabler to meet the growing needs of our growing population. In an environment where we are facing increasing congestion and a dysfunctional passenger rail system that is unable to ease problems in the mobility sector, a longer-term issue for us is: how we build an integrated public transport system that is the backbone and enabler of our economy and society. You the minibus taxi industry play a critical role in citizen mobility.”

Going forward, Minister Mackenzie will convene and chair the weekly task team comprised of representatives from the Province and City, together with leadership of SANTACO-Western Cape. It was resolved that issues to be addressed by the task team will include fast-tracking the Special Regulatory Process related to operating licences; training of registered drivers to upskill them in critical skills; and other measures to enhance commuter safety.