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Minister visits Oudtshoorn

9 September 2015

Anton Bredell, Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape paid a visit to Oudtshoorn today where he met with stakeholders and officials taking part in the intervention in the town.

Bredell says the intervention is progressing well.

“We have seen the establishment of ward committees and the rollout of a 100-day plan. We have seen positive work being done with regards to the Cango Caves. All in all, the intervention is going well.”

Bredell has confirmed that a forensic investigation is being undertaken as part of the intervention. As part of this investigation a number of computers were confiscated temporarily last week.

“I have told all the stakeholders there will be no political interference allowed with this investigation. The process will not be used as a political tool by anyone. The forensic team will be allowed to complete their investigation after which further action may not be taken depending on the outcome. This investigation may be completed by December.”

Bredell has called on the community of Oudtshoorn to get involved the public processes including ward committees that are being instituted to turn the town around.

“There are several processes taking place and positive inputs from the public and their cooperation will only help us make Oudtshoorn what it should be - a world class destination.”

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James-Brent Styan
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Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning
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