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(Provincial Cabinet, Western Cape Government)

Minister of Education Donald Grant, Western Cape

8 March 2011

Minister Grant has today condemned in the strongest possible terms the unlawful action of approximately 100 learners and educators from the illegally constituted Simon Estes Music School.

This morning, this group invaded a satellite office of the Metro South Education District and proceeded to harass education officials.

The SAPS were subsequently called to intervene.

"There is no excuse for such behaviour, as the Department will always listen to legitimate concerns," says Grant.

"All educators and learners at Simon Estes are aware that the school is operating illegally. Following due process, it was previously de-registered as a private school primarily due to its woeful academic outcomes and poor facilities."

Grant said that previously, all learners at the school were accommodated at neighboring schools and that the Department will likewise assist the learners who have been misguidedly encouraged to enroll at this illegal school this year.

The Department is currently obtaining a court order to shut the school down.

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