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Minister Condemns Disruption at Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School

31 January 2010

Minister Grant has today condemned in the strongest possible terms the disruption of learning at Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School in Khayelitsha.

Reports indicate that two individuals, claiming to be parents of learners, locked the access gates to the school early this morning.

A crowd in excess of 100 people gathered outside the school, demanding that the acting principal and the School Governing Body (SGB) be forced to step down.

"Neither of these demands can be met, as they would constitute a violation of the relevant law," said Grant.

"I have previously met with representatives of the SGB, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the community, to explain that the SGB is legally constituted and that in terms of both national and provincial legislation that its term of office will only expire in April 2011, which coincides with the end of its three year term."

Grant said that a number of allegations have been made against the SGB, these have been investigated by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and have proven to be without substance.

"Immediately, upon hearing of this morning's disruption, I requested that two of our officials, the District Director for Metro East, Melvyn Caroline, and the Deputy Director General (DDG) for Institutional Development and Co-ordination, John Lyners, meet with the protestors to listen to their demands and to explain, as I have done so already, the legal situation concerning the SGB. The subsequent decision by the protestors to try and forcefully detain these officials must also be condemned in the strongest possible terms. I am grateful that the South African Police Service (SAPS) have ensured that their safety is being protected as far as possible," said Grant.

"Every effort will now be made, with the co-operation of the SAPS, to ensure that learning takes place at school tomorrow free from any type of interference of this sort. I call on all affected parties to put the rights of learners first and to respect the rule of law."

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