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Minister Carlisle Releases Public Comments on Crash Witness Campaign

18 December 2011

Robin Carlisle, the Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has released the comments from the website received up until 15:00 on the launch day of the campaign on Wednesday, 7 December 2011.

"The response from visitors to the site has been overwhelmingly positive,' said Minister Carlisle."

"There were a total of 40 000 views of the three crash videos that made up the first series. About 22 000 of the 25 000 visitors to the site made their appearance on launch day."

"There have also been more than 1 000 views on YouTube so far. The total for all videos is now 42 527, with 48 likes to one dislike."

"Although quantifying the effect of road safety campaigns is notoriously difficult, public response is the most immediate tool."

"With our Name and Shame campaign, Provincial Traffic noted drops of up to 50% in drunk-driving arrests during weekend blitzes following a week in which Name and Shame was released."

"Safely Home's Crash Witness campaign is harder to gauge. So-called 'shock tactics' affect different people differently; some people are not affected at all, some people are only affected for a short period of time, while others change their behaviour as a result and encourage others to do the same. This further complicates analysis," Minister Carlisle said.

Herewith the positive and negative emails from early on the morning of Wednesday 7 December until around 15:00. Those where people reported all sorts of road traffic matters or lodged queries about transport and other issues have not been included.

Hector Eliott, the Head of Ministry, has responded personally to every e-mail.

Public Response


"I don't find this in any way offensive, but it makes me angry purely because the people responsible for reckless and negligent driving likely won't acknowledge their own behaviour or see this and miraculously change."

"Transport MEC Robin Carlisle is currently on a campaign to buckle up children in vehicles. Whilst I support this campaign 100%, why is he not on a campaign to buckle up law enforcement officers and emergency response personnel? I regularly see Metro and SAPS officers and emergency response personnel without seat belts. Surely buckle-up campaigns should start at home."


"Never easy to watch a video or to look at photos where people were killed/hurt, but the reality is - it's happening daily. This campaign makes me realise that I am on the road not responsible for my own life but every other motorist, biker, pedestrian. Well done on this 'in-your-face' campaign."

"Not a query, a comment to say great idea to release the videos. Those that I have shown the video to are more aware of the dangers."

"Brilliant idea, but if you could reformat videos so that it can be downloaded and viewed from a smart phone as well."

"Do you take on volunteers to work on this campaign? If so what is the criteria?"

"I support your campaign 100%. What distressed me most was the fact that most people who were key witnesses rode off!! Also I believe that it would help if viewers could have a warning ie speed does kill - don't drink and drive - this could be the last call you make - and know what the outcome was ie first video - did they survive? Second video - golf - was it a cellphone? And the van? Bigger impact. You need to be brutal and frank! well done for having the cahones to do this!"

"I know this is very graphic and horrific, but feel this has to be in the people's faces the whole time. Adherents to the road rules are very very slax. Thank you for trying to make a difference."

"What a good idea well done people should see how they drive and how pedestrians behave. It's not the speed but the careless driving parking on the side and jay walking that causes the accidents."

"Keep up the good work guys!"

"Shocking! But perhaps it's time see the reality!!!"

"Thank you for posting these videos. Please keep them coming. People need to see what the results of reckless driving are. There are too much accidents on our road, just because people do not drive responsibly."

"I think this initiative is a brilliant idea, and I hope all goes well."

"Very sobering but very necessary! This is reality and we need to be aware of it."

"Kan u my asb laat weet waar ons daarna kan kyk om n bewusmaking veldtog aan die gang te sit in ons company."

"Thank you for releasing these CCTV clips. I am sure that each and everyone who watches this will think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking or speeding."

"I got goosebumps just watching these, but must say I am glad that at least the first vehicles who saw the accident stopped to get out and helped however they could. I hope you will update this website every now and again with more video and information about what is happening on the roads."

"Well done on releasing these clips, graphic, but it's the truth about what happens on the road. I'm a volunteer for Metro EMS and I hope to see less car crashes on the road as well as pedestrian knock downs! Keep the graphic material coming, people need to see what is happening out there - hopefully they'll be shocked enough to NOT talk on phones, drink and drive, etc etc etc."

"Ek dink hierdie is 'n briljante idee van julle, dis goed dat mense kan sien hoe vinnig ongelukke kan gebeur en dat al ry jy binne die spoedbeperking, jy nie vir ander kan dink nie. Ook sal dit vir party mense, soos tieners en self baie ouer mense wat dink hulle sal nooit so iets oorkom nie, miskien 'n bietjie laat dink. Ek is regtig baie bly hieroor en ek dink julle kan maar meer hiervan opsit, en as dit kan veral ook van die ongelukke wat so tussen die Kaap en die Paarl gebeur, want soos dit vir my oor die radio klink dink die mense wat daardie pad ry glad nie........ek het 13 jaar in die Kaap gebly en elke oggend so vroeg moontlik probeer werk toe gaan sodat ek die verkeer mis."

"Dit is nodig en treffend!!!! Dit is die feite en almal moet dit sien. Ek is 'n verpleegkundige en het self my pragtige seun, 22 jaar oud in 2008 verloor in 'n hoe spoed ongeluk op 'n baie kragtige motorfiets op die N7 by die Klein Dassenberg afrit na Atlantis.elukkig is hy op slag dood toe 'n taxi na Atlantis voor hom na regs afgedraai het.Dit bly baie seer vir my en sy broer wat 19 was op daardie stadium. My man het bitter swaar gekry na hierdie verlies en dit het direk bygedra tot sy selfmoordpoging en uiteindelike dood in 2009. Dankie dat e k weet julle doen wonderlike werk."

"Thank you for once again reminding me, as someone who drives on highways a lot, of the perils on the roads, I am once again motivated even more to be very very careful and vigilant. Good work guys."

"Thank you for posting these videos. A brave move, but everyone who uses the roads MUST see them to realise how easily these accidents happen. In fact, make viewing these videos part of the drivers licence test!!! It's also a good reminder how many idiots there are out there and to take care when driving at all times. Thank you."

"Not a query - but a positive response that shakes the public eye - all drivers - to in reality take note what and how quick road mistakes happens. This brings me to the point when you see the reality of an accident happening then it only enters your thought and mind placing yourself in that incident. I support your campaign 100% and a very good idea for awareness of road safety for the festive season."

"This approach to road safety is commendable! However, do not delete the registration numbers of the vehicles! If feel this takes a way a little from your campaign. These motorists all in some way or other have broken the traffic law!"

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