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Minister Appeals To Khayelitsha, Cederberg Residents To Cooperate With Survey

28 October 2016

On Wednesday, 26 October, Western Cape Human Settlements Minister Bonginkosi Madikizela addressed the community of Khayelitsha informal settlement in Clanwilliam, Cederberg. The community meeting was called to request residents to cooperate with the Cederberg Municipality who will be conducting a survey to determine how government can intervene in providing housing and basic services to residents of informal settlement.

“It is important for government to conduct a survey before beginning any development. It is important especially for the Municipality to conduct a survey to determine the demographics, the socio-economic details and the number of people that live in Khayelitsha. This information will help government in planning and providing services to the people that live in Khayelitsha” said Madikizela.

The Cederberg Municipality, in partnership with the Department, recently attempted to conduct a survey in Khayelitsha. The  informal settlement area, however, also battles with crime and drugs. The attempt to conduct the Municipal survey, unfortunately, coincided with the time that the South African Police (SAPS) conducted a raid in area. The community concluded that the Municipality collaborated with the SAPS to raid the area only, which resulted in disorder. Minister Madikizela clarified the incident and advised residents about the importance of conducting a survey in service delivery.

The Khayelitsha informal settlement is growing rapidly. According to Cederberg Municipality, the old Khayelitsha contains 1500 informal households, while the new Khayelitsha contains about 900 structures. This number is also rapidly growing due to migration.

Completed in 2010, the old Khayelitsha already includes an Upgrade of Informal Settlement Project (UISP), consisting of 380 serviced sites with access to water and sanitation. In general, access to basic services in the Khayelitsha informal settlement is inadequate. The Cederberg Municipality has provided some chemical toilets, standpipes and refuse skips in an attempt to provide services within the area.

An application to the Department for funding to do the necessary planning for a project to address the needs of the Khayelitsha informal settlement was received on 10 October 2016. Minister advised the community that the survey is the first phase of the Department’s further intervention in Khayelitsha. The survey will ultimately assist in providing a solution to address the challenges with access to basic services.

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