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LOCKDOWN: Public transport operating times

5 April 2020

Social distancing on public transport is critical if we are to stop the spread of Covid-19.  I urge all transport operators to follow the Regulations and Directives issued by National Government which stipulate how public transport should operate during the lockdown period. 

The Regulations restrict the purposes for which public transport can be used, the number of people that can be transported on a public transport vehicle, the times when public transport can operate and the safety and hygiene standards that public transport services must follow.

Public transport can only be used for rendering essential services, obtaining essential goods or services, seeking medical attention, funeral services and for collecting payment of grants and pensions.  Essential services workers using public transport must carry a permit from their employer proving their status.  

Public transport will only be available between 5 am and 10 am in the morning and 4 pm and 8 pm at night.  One-hour grace periods are provided for minibus taxi services.  Private institutions or companies may make arrangements for transportation of their essential services workers in line with shifts / schedules.    

The number of passengers allowed differs by mode:

  • Bus services:  Restricted to carrying 50% of licensed capacity
  • Metered taxi and e-hailing services:  Restricted to carrying 50% of licensed capacity
  • Minibus and midibus taxi services: Restricted to carrying 70% of licensed capacity
  • Staff and charter transport:  Restrictions dependent on the vehicle type – 50% if bus, 70% if midibus or minibus.  If provided directly be the employer, then it is considered private transport and subject to the 60% restriction.    
  • Private vehicles: Restricted to carrying 60% of licensed capacity

To ensure that public transport is as safe as possible, hand sanitiser must be available at public transport facilities and, ideally, onboard the vehicle, drivers and marshals must wear a mask, and vehicles must be cleaned regularly.  This applies to bus, minibus taxi, metered taxi and e-hailing services. 

We all need to pull together at this difficult time to ensure that our people can get where they need to go, especially essential services workers.  This is critical for the broader fight against Covid-19

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