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International Day against Drug Abuse

23 June 2014

Every year on 26 June special emphasis is placed on the global fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. This important day was created by the United Nations General Assembly to help create a society free of illegal drugs and drug abuse.

Hundreds, if not thousands of lives are lost to substance abuse around the world every year. This year South Africa joins the global community in commemorating this important day under the theme “Global action for healthy communities without drugs”.

In South Africa, the Western Cape has the highest number of reported cases of drug and alcohol abuse. This realisation has prompted the province to make drug eradication a priority.

According the South African Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use (SACENDU) alcohol remains the most common primary drug of choice in most places across the country, and causes the biggest burden of harm in terms of “secondary risks”, including injury, premature non-natural deaths, foetal alcohol syndrome, teenage pregnency and HIV transmission.

Know the Facts about Drug and Substance Abuse
There are many health and social consequences of drug and alcohol addiction and, in most cases, it can lead to the breakdown of families. In the Western Cape, many communities are plagued by the negative effects that are associated with drug addiction such as violence, mental and physical health, as well as crime. 

Help is Available
There are many treatment options for people struggling with addiction.

  •  Out-patient treatment:

Out-patient treatment is a service offered to a person who uses drugs and alcohol in a harmful way, and whose behaviour affects the people around him/her negatively. This type of treatment involves attending regular sessions at a treatment centre, and is often equally effective as residential care, but less costly.

  • In-patient treatment:

In-patient treatment means that the client will stay at a treatment centre for the duration of the rehabilitation process.

Contact any one of our substance abuse treatment centres for more information.

Turning Lives Around

The Chrysalis Academy is a social crime prevention and upliftment programme for the youth at risk. The academy focuses on the individual's physical, psychological and spiritual development, resulting in realistic and sustainable results. Chrysalis isn't a rehabilitation programme, rather a preventative initiative.