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Enrol Your Child in School Today for 2015

25 July 2014

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) launched an 11-week campaign in May 2014 to urge parents to enrol their children early for school next year. The department is targeting parents whose children are starting primary or high school in 2015, or who are changing schools.

The WCED’s enrolment process has two phases, during the second and third terms of 2014.

Parents who were unable to secure places during the first round can then apply again during the second round.

The deadline for the second phase is Friday, 26 September 2014.

Many parents, however, have yet to enrol their children in school. We are therefore encouraging these parents to enrol their children in schools before the September 2014 deadline. 

Early Enrolment Poster

The WCED's message to parents

Please enrol your children for school if they are:

  • Starting primary or high school in 2015
  • Moving to a new school in 2015

How to apply for enrolment

We encourage parents to apply to more than one school because your school of choice may be full.

The schools concerned will let you know in writing whether you have been successful. You will need to confirm acceptance of the place in writing.

Don’t wait to hear from the school before applying to another school.

Schools will refer you to the relevant district office if you are unsuccessful at any of the schools. District officials will then help you to place your child.

Required documents

You need to provide the following with your applications:

  • A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of residence or work address
  • Immunisation card for Grade 1 (if you child is starting primary school)
  • Transfer card or the latest report for learners who have already been to school
  • Study permits for legal immigrants

Feeder areas

The Western Cape does not determine feeder zones or areas for schools.

However, school governing bodies may determine admission policies in terms of the South African Schools Act. Some schools give preference to learners from local communities while others accept learners from further afield.

Schools of choice

We cannot guarantee places at schools of choice, even if these are the closest to your home. We encourage you to accept the next choice of school if the first choice is full.

Focus schools

Some schools specialise in specific subjects. For example, our Focus Schools for Arts and Culture, and for Maths, Science and Technology, among others. These schools require an aptitude for these subjects.

Compulsory schooling

School education is compulsory for all learners from the age of seven until the last day of the school year in which the learner turns 15 or completes Grade 9.

Planning for 2015

The school population in the Western Cape is growing rapidly year-by-year. It’s important that you enrol your child for school as soon as possible so that we can plan ahead for 2015.

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