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Department cannot become a playground for politics

24 June 2016

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) has had a minor disruption of services at its Metro South Regional Office this morning due to a small group of protesters.

The Department recognises the democratic right of citizens to protest peacefully and bring their concerns to the attention of government. However, among the group of about 8 adults protesting; approximately 7 children (most of school-going age) were also seen. There can be no excuse for using children, disrupting their schooling, to fight community and/or political causes.

The protest smacks of politics, particularly considering that opportunists, like Mr. Roscoe Jacobs, could be seen lurking in the group’s shadows. Given the recent politicking against the department by an unrecognised union illegitimately claiming to speak on behalf of the Department’s social workers, it is concerning to see political hands now latch onto community concerns to build their profiles.

Nonetheless the department did receive the memorandum from the group.

The Western Cape Department of Social Development refuses to be drawn into a political game with aspirant fringe politicians. Our priority remains delivering services to all communities in the province. It is unfair on the vulnerable segments of our society to be deprived of key DSD services whilst vested interest groups disrupt services.

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