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Clear Vision leads to improved learner outcomes

20 January 2017

During this current financial year, the Cape Winelands District of Western Cape Government Health has provided 3 840 pairs of spectacles to children in the area, about 10 % of these glasses were for high prescription spectacles.   It is estimated that around 10-12% of all school going children require spectacles, this is where the Vodacom donation has made a huge difference in that they could give 362 children improved sight, which in allows for the Department’s budget to be stretched even further. 


A healthy child who can see the work he needs to do, listen to instructions and has the motor skills to perform tasks make for a learner who is more likely to enjoy school and learning.   The Department applauds Vodacom, the Health Foundation and Stellenbosch Optometrists for their involvement in the future of our children.


The Western Cape Government Health’s integrated school health programme delivers a number of series to schools to addresses the health and wellness of children as from Grade R.  The school health nurse visits schools on a rotational basis and besides administering immunisations, also does an overall evaluation of each child’s health. Should any problems be detected, the child’s parents are requested to take their child to their local clinic for further care.   The clinic’s community health care workers are also informed to follow up with the child. 


To supplement the school health programme, Western Cape Government Health together with the Foundation, launched five Wellness Busses in 2014. These busses are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for eye examinations. Other services that take place on the bus are oral health care, overall health screening as well as gross and fine motor skill evaluation.  

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