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City Clamps Down on Illegal Arum Lilly Sellers

30 August 2009
In an effort to conserve its natural environment, the City of Cape Town is to clamp down on flower vendors selling arum lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) without the necessary permission.

At its August meeting, the City's Safety and Security Portfolio Committee approved a motion requesting Metro Police and Law Enforcement Officers to clamp down on the illegal picking and selling of these lilies.

According to Councillor Frank Raymond, who tabled the motion, arum lilies are unprotected indigenous flora.

"The Western Cape Nature Conservation Act stipulates that persons in possession of the flowers must have a consent letter from landowners or a receipt from a registered flower seller to be able to sell these flowers."

"This initiative forms part of the City's efforts to protect its natural environment which is one of the main drivers for the region's tourist industry. The street vendors generally pick these flowers from a protected area or from City or provincial land without permission," he says.

City officials from the Departments of Environmental Resource Management and Safety and Security may issue fines - with a minimum fine of R200, or arrest offenders. A maximum fine of R10 000 can be imposed if the culprits are found guilty, depending on the circumstances.

"To increase their capabilities we have asked Law Enforcement Officers to prevail on the Hawkers' By-law to act against persons who illegally trade in these flowers. During the annual arum lily season they will focus on this kind of transgression, issue warnings and if necessary issue fines."

"People can report the illegal harvesting or sale of arum lilies to City Law Enforcement on 021 596 1400/1424," Councillor Raymond says.

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