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Central Karoo’s top sportspeople honoured by DCAS

26 August 2019

The promotion and development of sport and recreation in the Central Karoo continued on Friday, 23 August 2019, as the region’s top sportspeople, administrators and officials were recognised by the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS).

DCAS, in partnership with the Central Karoo District Sports Council, hosted its annual district sports awards at the Showroom Theatre in Prince Albert to acknowledge the achievements of the past year.

A total of 18 awards were handed out, and the winners are now in contention for provincial honours at the Western Cape Sports Awards on 14 September - along with the winners from the five other districts in the province.

Dr Lyndon Bouah, Chief Director of Sports and Recreation at DCAS, praised everyone involved in sports and recreation in the Central Karoo for overcoming the inherent difficulties they face.

“The challenge in this area is one of distance. The places are far apart, 200 to 300 kilometres, and they literally have to drive by taxi or bus to play and compete against each other,” Dr Bouah said.

“As the Western Cape Government we realise that we have to follow an asymmetrical approach to the development of sport and recreation in the Central Karoo. But we honour all those people who have dedicated and committed themselves to the upliftment of sport and the promotion thereof.”

  • Volunteer of the Year - Franco Lucas (Beaufort West) 
  • Sport Community Builder of the Year - Henry Piedt (Prince Albert)    
  • Sport Administrator of the Year - Ronny Fillies (Leeu-Gamka)
  • Recreation Body of the Year - Central Karoo Older Persons Forum   
  • District Federation of the Year - Safa Central Karoo
  • Recognition of Technical Excellence Award - Colin Lottering (Beaufort West)
  • Newcomer of the Year - Maroline Hermans (Murraysburg)     
  • Coach of the Year - Julian Marlow (Beaufort West)     
  • School Team of the Year - Beaufort West Secondary School              
  • Junior Sportswoman of the Year   - Zoey Swanepoel (Beaufort West)          
  • Junior Sportsman of the Year - Verdon Laws (Beaufort West)
  • School Sportswoman of the Year - Maroline Hermans (Murraysburg)
  • School Sportsman of the Year - Luciano Jonas (Nelspoort)     
  • Team of the Year - Barcelona FC (Beaufort West)        
  • Indigenous Games Star of the Year - Abigail De Boer (Beaufort West)
  • Sportsman of the Year - Luciano Jonas (Nelspoort)      
  • Sportswoman of the Year - Zoey Swanepoel (Beaufort West) 
  • Photographer of the Year - Samuel Jacobs (Beaufort West)   

In 2018, Central Karoo took home four awards at the Western Cape Sports Awards, and Dr Bouah expects that continuing investment in the area will reap further success.

“Last year we opened a large multipurpose centre in Merweville at a cost of R9.5m and can service all the sporting codes. Here in Prince Albert R11.5m was awarded by the national government for the construction of a multipurpose sports centre,” he added.

“DCAS has also made sporting equipment and other legacy projects available to the Central Karoo Sports Council and its affiliates. So we are very proud to have this relationship and we believe, as we continue with this partnership, more and more athletes from this region will continue to represent not only the Western Cape but also South Africa.”

The Central Karoo District Sports Awards was the fifth awards ceremony to have taken place recently, following the Cape Metro, Overberg, West Coast and Eden Awards. The Cape Winelands District Sport Awards (to be held on 5 September in Paarl) will be the sixth and final ceremony before the staging of the Provincial Awards.

DCAS aims to provide athletes with the support and recognition necessary to continue growing and achieving their goals, BETTER TOGETHER.

Media Enquiries: 

Dr Tania Colyn
Head of Communication Service
Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
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E-mail: Tania.Colyn@westerncape.gov.za