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Applications for Enrolment at Schools in 2014 are Now Open

11 March 2013

While it may seem to some that the 2013 school year has only just begun, the Western Cape Education Department is already looking ahead to the start of the 2014 school year.

Applications for enrolment at schools in 2014 are now open for parents and their children.

The WCED regards early enrolment as a priority for the start of any successful school year as it affects its planning in various ways – it affects educator post allocations, the ordering of textbooks and other learning support materials, the provision of furniture and equipment and school budgets and timetables.

If the WCED does not know approximately how many learners will be in the system the next year, then it is unable to plan effectively so that teaching and learning starts smoothly on the first day of school. The aim is to ensure that all systems are in place from day one so that learners can maximise their learning time.

To ensure that the WCED has as many learners enrolled as possible, the department begins its enrolment process early in the previous year.

There are two phases in 2013 in which parents can visit schools and apply for the child to be enrolled in 2014:

• Phase 1 : 1 March to 21 June

• Phase 2: 16 July to 6 September

The WCED encourages parents of children entering school for the first time, those starting high school and those changing school to apply at schools as soon as possible. The WCED also urges parents to apply at more than one school as their application might not be successful at their school/s of choice.

They are reminded that being on a "waiting list" also does not guarantee that their child will be admitted to that school. Schools have been reminded that they should have replied to all first phase applications by 28 June 2013 so that parents and guardians have sufficient time to look for alternative schools at which to enrol their children in Phase 2.

When submitting their applications, parents need to provide the following documents to the school:

1. The child’s birth certificate

2. Immunisation card

3. Transfer card or the last report card for learners who have already been to school.

School attendance is compulsory for all children from the first school day of the year in which the child reaches the age of seven years.

The admission age of a learner to a public school to Grade R is age four years turning five years by 30 June in the year of admission and in Grade 1 is age five years turning six years by 30 June in the year of admission.

These are the minimum ages at which admission may be granted, and are subject to the developmental readiness of the child.

Parents should be aware that schools cannot charge fees such as a registration fee, a deposit, re-admission or pre-admission testing fees, or any other fees at the time of application. School fees may be charged only after the learner has been informed in writing of his or her acceptance for admission to the school. If a parent is asked to pay such a fee, it should be reported to the nearest district office.

The WCED has recently sent a circular to all schools requesting that they refrain from all illegal practices which infringe on the learner’s rights to basic education, as articulated in the Constitution, the South African Schools Act and the WCED’s policy for the Management of Admission and Registration at Ordinary Public Schools.

Parents and guardians must, in the first instance, deal direct with the schools at which they wish to enrol their child. Should they encounter difficulty in enrolling their child for 2014, they may approach their local education district office for assistance.

The WCED will be launching an Early Enrolment awareness campaign in May to ensure that the message of early enrolment is sent to as many parents as possible. This campaign has been successful in the past and will include billboards, radio ads, shopping mall and taxi rank displays and communication via schools.

The WCED is asking parents to help their children by making sure that their schools are prepared and ready for them when they come to school next year.

We can make education, Better Together. 

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