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16 Delft residents received title deeds

8 June 2020

Today, Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements, Tertuis Simmers handed over title deeds to deserving recipients in Delft.

The title deed handover has been made possible through the Department’s Enhanced Extended Discounted Benefit Scheme (EEDBS), which promotes home ownership of pre-1994 government-owned rental housing. The particular handover today also forms part of the Department’s strategic goal to prioritise the elderly for housing opportunities in the Western Cape.  

Minister Simmers said: “Today’s handover ensured that 16 elderly residents could for this first time in their lives become fully-fledged, legal homeowners. It was a privilege to share this occasion with our elderly, particularly since most of them had to wait between 24 and 29 years to receive their title deeds.

Knowing they have full ownership of their homes, gives our people a sense of security and pride. It also demonstrates the Western Cape Government’s continued commitment to restoring their dignity. 

Mrs Hester Juries (60), who was one of the beneficiaries today said: “It’s a bitter- sweet moment for me, as less than a month ago my husband passed away. I know that he would’ve been just as happy and grateful as I am, as we have waited a long time for this moment. Now we have something to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.”

The 16 beneficiaries all hail from Voorbrug, Delft, with the eldest being 84 – and youngest, 58-years old. These residents were able to benefit through the EEDBS programme, as the sale agreements with debtors, who did not honour their agreements, were cancelled. Properties were thus sold to the qualifying current occupants and, where this was not possible, debt write-offs were implemented to assist beneficiaries. 

“As the Western Cape Government, we will continue striving towards establishing an enabling environment, so that we are better placed to grant beneficiaries security of tenure and make more residents legal homeowners by handing over these title deeds” added Simmers.

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