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Are you "Wildfire Ready"?

Are you "Wildfire Ready"?

Although wildfires can be devastating it also plays a crucial role in our ecosystems. In the hands of man, fire has become a tool of evolution but if not handled correctly it can become a tool of destruction.  Reduce the risks of wildfires and manage them by being wildfire ready.

  1. Know the how, what and when in preventing wildfire spread
  2. Wildfires can spread long distances
  3. Reduce the vegetation around your property
  4. Know how fire behaves
  5. When an evacuation is anticipated follow the checklist
  6. Always have an emergency kit packed
  7. Know the emergency numbers for your district
  8. Fire danger index
  9. Understand the effects of climate change
The content on this page was last updated on 28 October 2022