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Help Bokkie spread the wildfire prevention message!

Help Bokkie spread the wildfire prevention message!

Bokkie is the symbol of wildfire prevention in the Western Cape. Bokkie has appeared on posters, billboards, and other materials to spread the wildfire prevention message. The main goal of Bokkie’s fire education campaign is to reduce the number of human-caused wildfires by promoting safe behaviour when using fire, but they also encourage a sense of personal responsibility for our country’s forests and other spaces with vegetation.

The wildfire awareness toolkit

There are proven steps that communities, landowners and homeowners can take to improve the odds of human life and home survival during a wildfire. The purpose of the wildfire awareness toolkit is to assist public educators, teachers and firefighters promote and teach these steps. The toolkit includes the following 5 files:

  1. Wildfire awareness lesson plans
  2. Wildfire awareness flip chart posters
  3. Wildfire awareness activity book
  4. Wildfire firefighter cut out
  5. Indigenous and alien invasive cards

While the materials in this toolkit are copyrighted, you have permission to reproduce them for use in schools.


The content on this page was last updated on 28 October 2022