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Collections Available

According to the Provincial Archives and Records Service of the Western Cape Act (Act 3 of 2005), public records in the Western Cape are transferred to the Repository when they are 20 years or older.
The repository also collects non-public records with enduring value pertaining to the history of the Western Cape and its diverse communities.
These public and non-public records are supplemented by collections of maps, photographs, microfilms, books, pamphlets and official publications. The holdings consist of about 40 000 linear metres of archives and date back as far as 1651.
Archival Groups:
  • Government departments and offices.
  • Magistrates and Bantu Affairs Commissioners.
  • Cape Provincial Administration.
  • School Boards.
  • Provincial hospitals.
  • South African Railways.
  • Municipalities.
  • Village Management Boards.
  • Local Boards.
  • Divisional Councils and Regional Services Councils.
  • Commissions and Committees.
Photographic Collections:
  • General collection.
  • Elliott Collection.
  • Jeffreys Collection.
  • Ravenscroft Collection.
  • Steer Collection.
Other Collections:
  • Microfilms.
  • Leibbrandt manuscripts.
  • Drawings and sketches.
  • Maps.
  • Non-public records, including the records of private individuals and organisations, that complement the history of the city and the province.
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