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Late enrolments for the 2017 school year

Learners in schoolEvery year, there are more learners in the province, which is part of the reason why there are still learners who haven't been placed at a school yet.  Late enrolments due to parents relocating to the Western Cape during the festive season or parents of learners that have neglected to enrol their children on time in 2016 make the problem worse.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has officials who are working around the clock with schools and parents to place all learners. The WCED introduced the new School Admission Management Information System in 2014. This system assists the WCED in providing clear data and indicating which schools are full or still have space. 

If you’re having difficulties enrolling your child, or if you’ve failed to enrol your child, please approach your nearest school as there could be some enrolment cancellations after the school holidays.


The Find-a-School database helps those parents who are looking for a school in the Western Cape but don’t know where to start looking. This is a great initiative by the WCED as a means of making finding a school easier for a parent who’s enrolling their child in school for the very first time.

What you need

Parents and guardians who want to enrol a child have to provide the following documents: 

  • your child’s birth certificate, 
  • your child’s immunisation card, 
  • a transfer card or letter, 
  • a last school report if your child is already at school, and 
  • a study permit issued by the Department of Home Affairs for foreign students. 

Contact your nearest district office

Alternatively they may approach the local district office for assistance with finding a place at a school.

Each district office has identified officials who’ll assist parents who struggle to find a place when schools re-open. Their contact details can be found below.

Officials Responsible for Managing Admissions 2017
Office   Name of Official  Telephone E-mail Address
Head Office Mr. L R Abrahams 021 467 2000
Cape Winelands Mr. J Goliath 023 348 6000/023 348 4604
Eden & Central Karoo  Mr. A Ellmann 044 803 8300/044 803 8309
Metro Central Mr. S Hattingh 021 514 6700/021 514 6721 
Metro East Mr. E Magodla 021 900 7173/021 900 7203
Metro North Mr. L Rutgers 021 938 3009/021 938 3009
Metro South Mrs. L Primo 021 370 2000/021 370 2035
Overberg Mr. J Bailey 028 214 7300/021 214 7879
West Coast Ms. A Truter 021 860 1207/021 860 1206


While we'll do our best to conduct this process as quickly as possible, the fact that a child has been enrolled late has not afforded us the opportunity to plan in advance, as we have done for other learners who enrolled early last year.
Learners in classWe have an obligation to assist all parents with placement of their children. This however doesn’t mean that we guarantee a place in a school of choice, even if these schools are the closest to their new home. 

Planning for the school year isn’t an easy task. It requires a great deal of work and involves various structures within the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), including head office, the districts, principals, educators and school management teams.

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